Face AR SDK - Examples and Guides

Our developers at Banuba have done a great job of creating a number of examples over at our Github that demonstrate correct correct integration methodologies for common cases.

Before making a post, we strongly advise take time to look through them, clone the applicable one for your case, build it according to its instructions, and then compare for similar behavior. If, perchance in the same case as with your integration the example behaves correctly - then there is an integration issue on your side. Please use the example as a reference to address the issue in that case.

Below you can find a list of the primary examples for Face AR and cases for when you might need to use them.



Desktop (Mac/Windows)


  • Quickstart Unity - base example on how to integrate with Unity via our Unity SDK
  • Videocall Unity - example on how to integrate your Unity project with agora for videocall support


  • Quickstart Web - example of how to correctly integrate with a web project (html/js/css)
  • Beauty Web - example demonstrating how you can setup our Face Beauty API in a web project
  • Agora Web - example on how to achieve videocalling in web with our SDK and agora

Could I get assistance on using this within Svelte/SvelteKit? React is the closest example but they render things differently, hence my creating an account to ask this question.

Hello, netopwibby, and welcome to our Community!
Thanks for questioning this.

I would like to inform you that we responded to you on this matter in a separate Support request via email. Please consider the information provided there, so we can continue the discussion further on an individual basis.

…paying for a personalized solution doesn’t make sense when it could just be another example.