How to apply a filter to multiple people / faces?

Multi-face is a separate option in the Banuba Client Token and thus it needs to be configured by us.

The best way to do this is to contact the Sales Representative who has generated the token for you and request them to modify the Max Faces amount. After they issue you the new token, please make sure you have updated the token in your project / application then run an effect that support multi-face.

Some filters also do not work with multiple faces out of the box, and would need to be modified.
Scene 4 Faces is the demo effect for this technology and it can be referenced in regards on how to apply an effect to an X number of faces.

If you want an effect to work that doesn’t work with multi-face our of the box, please discuss this with your Sales Representative. As we do provide optional services for effect customization.

Important!: We do not recommend settings Max Faces to values higher than 4 due to likely performance issues.