How to make a LUT / Color correction image for VE?

The guide below describes how to prepare a LUT file suitable for use in the Video Editor. Keep in mind there is a big difference in what the Video Editor SDK expects in terms of this file, vs the Face AR SDK.

Keep in mind you will need some photo / image editing software for this. This example will be using Adobe Photoshop as a reference on how to do this.

  1. First of all you will want to download the following image that will serve as a base for making your custom LUT.
    Base Image:

  2. Import the image from step one into a photo editing software of your choice.

  3. Open a reference image, such as the following on in the same image editing software:

  4. Apply adjustment layers to the reference image from point 3 till you achieve your target visual effect.
    For this example we use the Curves, Channel Mixer, and Photo Filter adjustment layers with custom settings to achieve a slightly faded retro look.

  5. Transfer these layers on top of the the base image you opened in your editor in point 2.

  6. Save/Export the resulting image from point 5 as a .png with no or minimal compression.

Your custom LUT is now ready for the Video Editor!