How to use beauty filter with Twilio Video call?

I want to use beauty filter on my iOS Application when someone is on video call.
For Video Call Twilio Video Call SDK used.

Requirement :-

  1. When Some one is on Twilio video call - List out 4 - 5 beauty filter.
  2. When click on any beauty filter just apply that filter on video call.
  3. The Same beautified video should reflect on End user who is on another side of video call.

Reference - Snap chat, Instagram video calls.
NOTE - I want to implement simple beauty filter on face to enhance the brightness, glow and beauty of face. [ Front and Rear both camera ]

Please tell me is this possible with this banuba SDK ?

Hello Kumarlav,

All of this is possible using the Banuba Face AR SDK, I recommend you apply for a free trial via the form at the bottom of the page at, and use our Offscreen Effect Player example for iOS.

There is also a WebRTC iOS example which is slightly outdated and will not work with the latest SDK out of the box, but it demonstrates pretty accurately on how to hook up a webRTC streams into a simple app using the SDK. Please use it alongside the example I referenced in the first paragraph.