I am looking for a dev familiar with Banuba Face AR SDK to help me develop a project

It’s not a complex project, but is is custom and of course is paid. I need a custom model with facerig and face occlusion. It needs to work on Windows 11 desktop for videos and streaming, as well as iOS mobile in the form of a lightweight app.

Thanks for you consideration!

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Hello, Midnight, and Welcome to our Community!

We have a dev team working on the Face AR SDK that, alongside our Support Team, would be pleased to help you out with your request.

You can check out the docs below to get familiar a bit better with our product and its functionalities:

If you need more context, you can always check out our WebAR demo here.

Additionally, please, feel free to submit a request for a free trial using the form on the website, and as soon as you do, one of our Reps will contact you with a trial token.

And for any technical questions you can check out this form to submit a request to our Support Team if you have not already.

Thank you!

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I’d be happy to take on this project and create a custom model that meets your requirements.
Facerig and face occlusion are familiar territories for me, and I’ve worked on similar projects that involved Windows and iOS compatibility.

Let’s discuss the details further - I’d love to hear more about your vision and expectations.

You can reach out to me on my email here