The main branch of ve-sdk-android-integration-sample does not contain the path mddocs/

I need to integrate mubert api with banuba but didn’t find the integration user guide.

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Hello, Rajkumar!

Feel free to check out the following links for the Mubert integration:

Kindly, keep in mind that before you integrate Mubert into your project, you need to reach out to them directly and ask for a token/API key.
You can use this documentation on their website as a guide.

If you have any other questions regarding the audio content integration, you can use this document for reference:

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Thank you for your response…
Again it is not recognising MubertApiConfig The error is - “Unresolved reference: MubertApiConfig”

I see, thank you.

Do you have an active key and license from Mubert?

I’d also recommend checking out these files as well:

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Yes I do have token and license of Mubert.
Yes I followed the same documentation but the problem is compiler is not able to understand what MubertApiConfig is?
I think there is some import is there for this…

import com.banuba.sdk.audiobrowser.di.AudioBrowserKoinModule
import com.banuba.sdk.audiobrowser.domain.AudioBrowserMusicProvider

just like above there should be a import for this function.
Can you help me in this ?

Dear Rajkumar,

thank you for the information!

As a possible solution, please, try importing the following config:


After than you can continue the integration as it’s listed in our documents.

Thank you!

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Thank you so much. It worked🙌

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Dear Rajesh,

the pleasure is ours, it’s good that it worked!